Building Maintainable Web Applications Training Course

I am conducting a two day training workshop on Building Maintainable Web Applications.  It will be here in Austin TX June 8-9. The foundational philosophy I and my consulting company believe is that creating applications that are maintainable starts with … Continue reading 

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Resharper templates: Don’t forget the Macros

I use Resharper templates (among other features) on a daily basis.  Most of them create very small pieces of code that I use VERY frequently.  For instance, I have a set of templates that help me build out my test … Continue reading 

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Cooking With Pablo: Chicken Cacciatore

In this edition of Cooking With Pablo, were going to do one of my favorite one pot dishes: Chicken Cacciatore.  Cacciatore means “hunters stew”.  This would be a dish that hunters would make while on long hunting trips with whatever … Continue reading 

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The MVC Template Team Got It Right

I just created my first project with ASP.Net MVC RC1 and I had a pleasant surprise!! As with the beta, when you create a new project with the MVC project template, it creates a AccountConroller as part of the startup … Continue reading 

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Polymorphism with JavaScript

I don’t know if I picked this line up in a book or somewhere else, but the best way to describe the JavaScript language is schizophrenic.  The language itself (regardless of the hosting environment) doesn’t know if it’s Object Oriented … Continue reading 

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Austin Code Camp 09 Call For Speakers

When: May 30, 2009 – 8:30 AM – 5PM Where: St. Edwards professional learning center, Austin, TX The Austin .Net Users Group is hosting its fourth Code Camp. This one day, community driven conference has grown beyond the Austin community … Continue reading 

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Another Way to Test Ajax Methods

A while ago, Chad posted about how to test Ajax methods with QUnit.  I’m also testing Ajax calls, but taking a different approach I thought I would share. Chad’s approach was to put a timer in the test and waiting … Continue reading 

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Austin Code Camp 09

When: Saturday, May 30th Where: St. Edwards Professional Education Center We are gearing up for This Year’s Austin .Net User’s Group Code Camp.  Last year we had 300 attendees and around 30 sessions.  We expect this years to be even … Continue reading 

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Google’s Testers take on Dependency Injection

If you’re not already subscribing to the Google Testing Blog, you should be.  There are some really interesting articles on it.  The latest one takes on if and when to use Dependency Injection.  I agree with their answer: yes and … Continue reading 

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PTOM: Bend 3rd Party Libraries to Your Will With the Adapter Pattern

No matter what you do or where you work, there will always be the 3rd party library that your manager insists you use (you know, the one whose agreement was made on the golf course), or that old legacy code … Continue reading 

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