Blowing Off the Blog Dust

Funny thing about using Scrum at work: there was suddenly a lot more work at work. Fun and consuming work. So I stepped out of the blogosphere and began to live in my IDE.

Three changes bring me back:

  1. I’ve missed you guys.
  2. If I’m going to talk amongst the software development community, I need my own voice.
  3. I had to find a new server for my at-work blog, so… what the hey?

My topics will include:

  • software development
  • agile methodologies
  • collaborating across multiple countries
  • requirements gathering
  • industry conferences
  • book reviews
  • and, from time to time, stuff that falls under that weird category, “life.”

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About Sharon Cichelli

I am a Headspring Senior Consultant, developing custom enterprise software for our clients and leading training classes on the latest Microsoft technologies. I blog about .NET development, best practices in agile software development, and my nerdy hobbies.
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