Running JavaScript… With Sneakers!

Code-review time. I haven’t written significant JavaScript in forevs, but I hit upon a use case well suited to it, had a blast coding it up, and am confident that I’ll be completely mystified by it three months from now. … Continue reading 

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Come to my Arduino talk: Home-built video game console

This Thursday at CTXNA, I’ll give an intro to the Arduino microcontroller, including a walk-through of how I followed PragPub’s instructions to build a video game console. Please join us! No experience necessary. Interactive and fun. Bring your Arduino projects … Continue reading 

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Legacy Operating Systems and Legacy Languages: If it ain’t broke, it still needs fixing

In my travels I’ve encountered systems chugging happily along on outdated, discontinued, unsupported technology stacks. Apps written in VB6, FoxPro, Classic ASP, still running without a hitch because the kinks had been shaken out years ago… Software users delicately avoiding … Continue reading 

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When to use a Mock and When Not To

When I sit down to write a unit test, my first step is to describe for myself, in English instead of code, what I intend to test. The words I choose give clues as to the structure of the test … Continue reading 

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An Object Lesson in Binary Compatibility

A riddle for you, friends: When is changing a method from return void to return Something a breaking change? If you already know the answer, then why hadn’t you told me? Could’ve saved me a fair bit of embarrassment. Ah … Continue reading 

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True Confessions, Public Shaming, and Test-Driven Development

Okay, I admit it. Sometimes I write unit tests second instead of first. I also bite my nails and rest my elbows on the dinner table. But when I’ve got a bug to fix, and I’ve already found the offending … Continue reading 

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Using Syntax to Model the Domain

I’m fascinated by the small syntactic decisions that bring code closer to representing the business domain. Never mind the class inheritance examples from text books (“Dog IS-A Pet,” which has nearly never been relevant), I mean using properties, methods, and … Continue reading 

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Diffing Files to Avoid Easy Goofs

A good habit learned at my last job has saved me a lot of embarrassment and bugs (same thing): Before committing a set of changes to source control, I look at the diff of each file. Look at the changes, … Continue reading 

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Microcontroller Projects and Source Code

Welcome, Ignite/Dorkbot Science Fair Party Goers. Here are details on the two projects I had with me at the Science Fair. I used the open-source Arduino microcontroller. Arduino programs are called “sketches.” I keep my Arduino sketches on the collaborative … Continue reading 

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Hello World in C, Dev Setup

As mentioned, I’m learning C, and I’ve achieved hello-world, plus recursive calculations of factorials and some data structures. Whee. :) For those playing along at home, I’ll describe my dev setup. But first, an unexpected discovery: Counter to my intuition, … Continue reading 

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