Hello, React! – A Beginner’s Setup Tutorial

React has been around for a few years now and there are quite a few tutorials available. Unfortunately, many are outdated, overly complex, or gloss over configuration for getting started. Tutorials which side-step configuration by using jsfiddle or code generator … Continue reading 

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Up into the Swarm

Last Thursday evening I had the opportunity to give a presentation at the Docker Meetup in Austin TX about how to containerize a Node JS application and deploy it into a Docker Swarm. I also demonstrated techniques that can be … Continue reading 

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New Year, New Blog

One of my resolutions this year was to take ownership of my digital content, and as such, I’ve launched a new blog at jimmybogard.com. I’m keeping all my existing content on Los Techies, where I’ve been humbled to be a part of … Continue reading 

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Containers – Cleanup your house revisited

In version 1.13 Docker has added some useful commands to the CLI that make it easier to keep our environment clean. As you might have experienced yourself over time our development environment gets really cluttered with unused containers, dangling Docker … Continue reading 

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Dealing with Duplication in MediatR Handlers

We’ve been using MediatR (or some manifestation of it) for a number of years now, and one issue that comes up frequently is “how do I deal with duplication”. In a traditional DDD n-tier architecture, you had: Controller Service Repository … Continue reading 

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Docker and Swarmkit – Part 6 – New Features of v1.13

In a few days version 1.13 of Docker will be released and among other it contains a lot of new features for the Docker Swarmkit. In this post I want to explore some of these new capabilities. In the last … Continue reading 

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Docker and SwarmKit – Part 5 – going deep

In this post we will work with the SwarmKit directly and not use the Docker CLI to access it. For that we have to first build the necessary components from source which we can find on GitHub. You can find … Continue reading 

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How To Bootstrap Angular with Server Side Data

Today I needed to bootstrap our Angular 1.x Single Page Application (SPA) with some server side data. The data that I’m talking of is the set of feature toggles that are defined in our system. We need the value of … Continue reading 

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CQRS/MediatR implementation patterns

Early on in the CQRS/ES days, I saw a lot of questions on modeling problems with event sourcing. Specifically, trying to fit every square modeling problem into the round hole of event sourcing. This isn’t anything against event sourcing, but … Continue reading 

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Vertical Slice Test Fixtures for MediatR and ASP.NET Core

One of the nicest side effects of using MediatR is that my controllers become quite thin. Here’s a typical controller: Unit testing this controller is a tad pointless – I’d only do it if the controller actions were doing something … Continue reading 

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