Vertical Slice Test Fixtures for MediatR and ASP.NET Core

One of the nicest side effects of using MediatR is that my controllers become quite thin. Here’s a typical controller: Unit testing this controller is a tad pointless – I’d only do it if the controller actions were doing something … Continue reading 

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Docker and Swarmkit – Part 4

So far we have experimented with Docker Swarmkit on our local development machine using VirtualBox as our playground. Now it is time to extend what we have learned so far and create a swarm in the cloud and run our … Continue reading 

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Contoso University updated to ASP.NET Core

I pushed out a new repository, Contoso University Core, that updated my “how we do MVC” sample app to ASP.NET Core. It’s still on full .NET framework, but I also plan to push out a .NET Core version as well. … Continue reading 

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MediatR Pipeline Examples

A while ago, I blogged about using MediatR to build a processing pipeline for requests in the form of commands and queries in your application. MediatR is a library I built (well, extracted from client projects) to help organize my … Continue reading 

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Docker and Swarm Mode – Part 3

Refresher In part 1 we have created a swarm of 5 nodes of which we defined 3 to be master nodes and the remaining ones worker nodes. Then we deployed the open source version of the Docker Registry v2 in … Continue reading 

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Use Docker to build, test and push your Artifacts

Sue is a software engineer at BetterSoft. She is in charge of starting a new project which includes building up the CI/CD pipeline for the new application her team will create. The company has established some standards and she knows … Continue reading 

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Bulk Delete Queues in AWS

This is a post to myself. Due to a faulty application we have a lot of dead queues in AWS SQS. To get rid of them I wrote the following script that I executed in a container that has the … Continue reading 

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Easing the use of the AWS CLI

This post talks about a little welcome time-saver and how we achieved it by using Docker. In our company we work a lot with AWS and since we automate everything we use the AWS CLI. To make the usage of … Continue reading 

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Docker and Swarm Mode – Part 2

In part 1 of this post series about Docker SwarmKit I showed how we can quickly create a cluster of nodes (VMs) using VirtualBox and configure a Docker Swarm on this nodes. I then showed how we can run a … Continue reading 

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Docker and Swarm Mode – Part 1

In the following few posts I am going to demonstrate how we can use the new SwarmKit that is part of Docker 1.12 to manage a cluster of nodes (VMs) as a Docker Swarm. To not depend on any cloud … Continue reading 

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