Docker and Swarm Mode – Part 1

In the following few posts I am going to demonstrate how we can use the new SwarmKit that is part of Docker 1.12 to manage a cluster of nodes (VMs) as a Docker Swarm. To not depend on any cloud … Continue reading 

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Pimp my report with Docker

Introduction We are testing our Web portal with fully automated end-2-end tests against various combinations of Browsers and platforms. Today I had a task assigned which required to improve the quality of our Sauce Labs test failure reports on Bamboo. … Continue reading 

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Exploring TypeScript

A proposal to use TypeScript was recently made within my development team, so I’ve taken a bit of time to investigate the platform.  This article reflects my thoughts and conclusions on where the platform is at this point.   TypeScript: … Continue reading 

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Containers – An Index

In this post I will provide a list of all container related posts that I wrote so far and will write in the future. Thank you dear reader for your interest. Table of Content Use Docker to build, test and … Continue reading 

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Git on Windows: Whence Cometh Configuration

I recently went through the process of setting up a new development environment on Windows which included installing Git for Windows. At one point in the course of tweaking my environment, I found myself trying to determine which config file … Continue reading 

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Container Entrypoint

Introduction This time in our series about containers we are going to look a bit more closely into what happens when a container starts and how we can influence that. Specifically we’re going to learn about the ENTRYPOINT and the … Continue reading 

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AutoMapper 5.1 released

Release notes here: AutoMapper 5.1 Some big things from this release: Supporting portable class libraries (again), profile 111. Because converting projects from PCL to netstandard is hard More performance improvements (mainly in complex mappings), 70% faster in our benchmarks Easy … Continue reading 

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Containers – Clean up your House

Introduction In this post I am going to revisit some of the most basic commands of the Docker CLI. But don’t worry, you should still read this post since I am going to use that “basic” knowledge to discuss some … Continue reading 

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Troubleshooting Containers

Introduction I find my self rather often than not in a situation where I have to trouble shoot a containerized application or a coworker needs some help doing so. In this post I want to show some practices how you … Continue reading 

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Synchronizing Containers

Introduction In the project I am currently working we are using Docker in all environments, that is development, CI, staging and production. The technology stack is based on Python with Django, MySQL and MongoDB to just name the most important … Continue reading 

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