Blue-Green Deployment

Introduction These days our customers expect their applications to be up and running all the time and literally experience no down-time at all ever. At the same time we should be able to add new features to the existing application … Continue reading 

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AutoMapper 5.0 Beta released

This week marks a huge milestone in AutoMapper-land, the beta release of the 5.0 work we’ve been doing over the last many, many months. In the previous release, 4.2.1, I obsoleted much of the dynamic configuration API in favor of … Continue reading 

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Running and debugging an ASP.NET Core RC2 application in Docker

Introduction In a previous post I demonstrated how we can run and test an ASP.NET Core RC1 application. Yesterday RC2 was made public and it is now time to revisit the subject. This time we are going to create an … Continue reading 

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Entities aren’t resources, resources aren’t representations

One of the easy mistakes in building a REST API is trying to take your rows out of the database and expose them directly as JSON. Such technology exists, where you can directly expose stored procedures as SOAP web services, … Continue reading 

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Windows Docker Containers

Introduction In this post I am going to show step by step how to install a local version of Windows Server 2016 TP5 in Hyper-V and how to configure it to be a container host. Tutorial It is still not … Continue reading 

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Validation inside or outside entities?

A common question I get asked, especially around a vertical slice architecture, is where does validation happen? If you’re doing DDD, you might want to put validation inside your entities. But personally, I’ve found that validation as part of an … Continue reading 

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Cassandra: Batch Loading Without the Batch — The Nuanced Edition

My previous post on this subject has proven extraordinarily popular and I get commentary on it all the time, most of it quite good. It has however, gotten a decent number of comments from people quibbling with the nuance of the post … Continue reading 

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ASP.NET, Docker and Messaging

Introduction In my last post I showed how we can debug and test a containerized ASP.NET application. In this post I want to show how messaging works for .NET vNext applications using RabbitMQ as the underlying infrastructure. At the time … Continue reading 

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Testing and debugging a containerized ASP.NET application

Introduction In my previous post I showed in detail how a node JS application running in a Docker container can be debugged and how we can run automated tests against this application also in a container. In this post I … Continue reading 

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A couple of times a week I get a question where someone wants to know how to “failover” to a remote DC in the driver if the local Cassandra DC fails or even if there is only a couple of … Continue reading 

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