Speaking in Austin September 26th

I am very proud to say that I have been organizing a local tech conference – MeasureUP – that is on September 26th.  Among other things I will be there speaking on the topic of building production ready systems and also how to support public facing API’s.

In the production ready systems talk I will discuss the things to think about that most folks generally don’t as it pertains to building more complex multi-faceted systems.  A few of the areas to discuss are the steps to cover when communicating with third party systems to ensure that their down time doesn’t cause you down time.  How to build microservices or autonomous component based systems that play well together.  How to visualize the services in your system that are up vs down and the throughput they are providing to your overall system.  Metrics, reporting, monitoring, etc.  All sorts of good bits that I have discovered while tinkering on systems.

In the API talk I will discuss building public facing API’s and the topics that you need a good story for when managing other folks accessing your systems.  This will cover authorization and authentication either as an internal system or via a mashup with your cloud provider.  It will go into the versioning strategy of your API.  We will also cover how to decouple your deployment story, backwards compatibility, achieving continued up-time, etc.

These two talks should compliment one another.

Mostly I am just very eager for all the hallway conversations that happen at events like these.  Hopefully you will come see me and we can chat about code, systems theory, raising pigs, guns – whatever you are interested in!

Check out all the other speakers and talks we have signed up already.  Gabriel Schenker has a few talks too!

Preview of my lightning talk on microservices