Cloud Academy oh my

I have had some time off lately and have been filling that time immersing myself in all things Amazon Web Services related.  I was thinking that I might go for their cloud architect certifications…why not!

I looked at some of the courses offered on Pluralsight – and of course all of their content is good.  But I really wanted a specific path through all things AWS.  And I wanted to be sure I was seeing the latest and greatest AWS had to offer – not 1 year old coverage.

A friend of mine had suggested I take a look at  He had been using it to learn some bits now and then.  And as it turns out they had very specific paths through their course catalog that amounted to just what I needed.

And there was a huge upside – the first week was free.  I figured I would just learn all day every day for 7 days and use up all their content and resources.  No need to pay!

But what actually happened was totally different.  I started taking my courses.  Going through some of the quizes.  And then back through some courses.  I was hooked.  What a great site.  What great current content.  And how nice it was to have a path through the content that took me from course to course with an end goal in mind.

I ended up spending some money and have continued my subscription.  Even running the videos passively in the background while I work on and focus on other things has proved to uncover many new AWS nuggets.  Lots of detail packed away in each course.

This is not a paid advertisement in any way.  I just truly love what they have to offer!  Check it out.

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