Announcing an Austin TDD Randori/CodingDojo Session

Ray Houston and I will be hosting/facilitating a CodingDojo-style, Randori-style TDD session in early February here in Austin, TX.

(EDIT: Shoot, I forgot to mention that this idea came from David Laribee and Scott Bellware (no linkage currently available). I’d like to thank them for their ideas and encouragement)

We have several venues we’re currently working out the details with and we’ll post more info when we’ve finalized the location.

It will likely be Saturday February 2 or Saturday February 9, 2008.

Our plan is this:

  • Half-day, compressed session (though if there’s enough interest, we may go full-day, but that remains to be seen)
    • Building a very simple application focused on accomplishing a few user stories (NOT getting bogged down in the finer points of doing WinForms or WebForms development, we may use ASP.NET MVC, but I’d like to avoid muddying the waters with too much new technology all at once and distracting from the main focus: TDD)
      • Several micro-iterations of design and coding
        • We thinking about having a few more than the recommended 15 folks (like 25-30), but limiting the coding time of people stepping up to code so that you don’t get code hogs
          • Rather than a hard-and-fast 5 minute switch time, I was thinking more of a fishbowl/hot-seat style where, if you think you can do better, you hold up a card and take over, but you can only do it once every iteration so that you don’t get code hogs</ul> We’re still shaking out all the details and we’re open to suggestions/criticisms, etc.

          Please contact Ray or me via our blogs’ contact forms or post a comment here if you’re interested and/or would like to help in some way.

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