Austin TDD CodingDojo Full!

We actually didn’t get the form shut down in time and a few overflow’s slipped in, so it’s gonna be a little cramped.  I’m betting that a few people will be no-shows (stuff comes up, hey, what can you do, right?) so I’m sure it’ll work out alright in the end. Ray Houston and I have come up with a dev scenario for the dojo that will actually contribute something to the world and help kids learn, how ’bout that, huh?

Anyhow, if you’re still interested in coming and didn’t get a chance to sign up, drop one of us a line and let us know and maybe we can work something out. We’re sincerely hoping (actually, terrified) that this will go well and we’ll want to do it again. Or maybe someone else will step up and facilitate it the next time and that can be a trend, who knows?

Thank you everyone who’s helped us and helped get everything together and shared ideas, support and well-wishes. We look forward to having a great session and learning a lot about not just TDD, but coding styles and micro design as well.

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