If you suddenly had a week of free time…

I’m gonna take a minute away from my regularly scheduled blog posts (GoF patterns, Agile Arguments, etc) and seek wisdom from the Collective. Aside from spending more time with the family and the kids, doing some networking and career building, there’s going to be some time where I’ll have a chance to work on something and I’m trying to decide how best to spend this time.

Should I contribute to an open source project?  Should I do more blog posts?  I can do some work-for-hire, but I’d really like to take this week for myself and no do any “work” (where “work” is something that I’ll be monetarily accountable to someone on a timetable/deadline).

The week after this current week coming up, I’m going to go back into career/for-hire mode, but until then, I want to do something for the community.

Any suggestions from anyone? I’d be particularly interested in anyone who knows me to suggest something for which you think my skills and talents would be most useful.

Agile Arguments, Part 1 – The Kickoff