Remote Pairing and Screencasting

I’m starting to question the value of blogging as a way of rallying community efforts.  I’m inclined to focus more on article-style blogging vs. conversational-style blogging and moving the conversation to Skype+VNC and recording the interactions and minimally producing screencasts of interesting interactions.

I’m not sure how it’ll all work and I definitely need help with the logistics and any recommendations anyone has is welcome.  As a ‘prove me wrong’ experiment, I’d like to try to rally-via-blog folks to do screen casts with each other and, hopefully, a few with me (I want to learn too, please!).  Any advice as to which software to use for voice (Skype?)  for screen viewing (VNC?) for capturing video (Camtasia? CamStudio?) for capturing audio, post-production, etc would be greatly appreciated.

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