Ping-pong Pairing Session Screencast with Ben Scheirman

Well, it’s two-fer Tuesday here at Los Techies, I guess!  By pure coincidence, Ben Scheirman wrapped up the post-production of a screencast we did a few weeks ago.

Ben Scheirman just recently posted on his blog about it.

Ben did a LOT of work trying to get the video and audio in sync and did a heroic job. We still have a lot to learn about how to get everything to work together (audio, video, shared Internet connection), so please forgive us on the unprofessional nature of the screencast. We’re developers messing around with screencasts, this isn’t our day job! 🙂

The Screencast can be viewed here:

Just like Ben did in his post, I’d like to establish a few caveats:

  • I’m not a TDD expert! I make no claims of canon here or that this is official TDD or BDD gospel. Please take with a grain of salt!
    • Our main goal was to have a pairing session using TDD and record it. We started out trying to teach some TDD fundamentals, but it just turned into a cool jam session
      • We had a lot of technological problems w/r/t Skype dropping calls.
        • We had some time sync issues with the audio, so the audio and the video get out of sync part way through the video, but it’s still worth watching part of it
          • Sorry for the length, hopefully you can zip around and find stuff that’s interesting and then back up a little to see what you want to see.</ul> Anyhow, there’s lots of good stuff in there, and I hope someone gets some useful into out of it.

          I can’t speak for Ben, but I know I’d definitely like to keep trying this sort of thing in the future — hoping that the technological issues would work themselves out and Ben wouldn’t have to kill himself just to get the audio lined up!

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