Two things worth noting today

1.) [Serious] Rob Conery (of SubSonic fame, and oh yeah I think he works at Microsoft or something, too :)) has posted his FIFTEENTH screencast in his series on building an e-ecommerce app using ASP.NET MVC and exploring and learning lots of things along the way.  I tell you, this series was outstanding before it hit Episode 10, and 15 is a topper for sure.  In this episode he pairs with Ayende Rahien (Rhino.Mocks, Castle Windsor, NHibernate, among other project) and Steven Harman (SubText, among others). 

I know I’m asking a lot, but I would encourage all of you to watch every episode in the series. Each one has at least a dozen nuggets of useful information, but most are packed full of ’em.  Kudos again to Rob for putting in the ridiculous effort and time on this and making a good contribution to the community!


2.) [Silly] Just when you thought .NET couldn’t get any better, someone has gone and created an 80386 ASM to IL assembler so you can use 80386 assembly instructions to write .NET code! I mean, c’mon, what’s not to love about writing ASP.NET pages like this:

<%@ page language="Asm80386" %>
Str:  DB "Testing...", 0

  mov eax, -2
  cmp eax, 2
  jle Label1
  xor eax, eax
  lea esi, Str
  push esi
  call "Response.Write(string)"
  pop esi
<br>EAX: <%= eax %>

[via John Bush – twitter link, couldn’t find his home page, let me know and I’ll update link]

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