Fluent NHibernate LiveMeeting Chat – Wednesday 8/20


Last Wednesday, a few of us had an impromptu LiveMeeting chat to talk about Fluent NHibernate.  I thought it went well enough. It wasn’t scripted so the conversation meandered considerably, but I think everyone got a little out of it.  We decided to try it again, but crank it up a notch and make it more official like with a prescribed time and maybe even (if we’re lucky 🙂 ) a real agenda and something to talk about and demonstrate.</p> </p>


When:  Wednesday, August 20th @ 8:30PM CDT [UTC-05:00]  (9:30PM EDT, 7:30PM MDT, 6:30PM PDT, 2:30AM BST on the 21st)

Where: Live Meeting. URL, etc below

Why:  To show what the Fluent NHibernate API is currently, what it may become, and to discuss it

Who:  Currently, it’s Zachariah Young of the Northwest Arkansas .NET User’s Group and me (Chad Myers).

How: The final plans aren’t made yet, but it will likely be a quick code walk-through/presentation with commentary then questions and then finally some form of open discussion.

Please drop a comment here to RSVP if you plan on attending so we can get an idea of head count.  It’s OK if you don’t RSVP, but the presentation won’t be as good because we won’t be expecting as many people.

To connect, about 30 minutes before the start, navigate to this url:


The Meeting ID is:


The Entry Code is:


Here’s a direct link which (should) work:


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