Continuous Improvement Workshop(s)

I’ve been asked by David Laribee and Scott Bellware to assist in hosting one of the pre-conference workshops for the Continuous Improvement in Software Development Conference (*pant *pant that’s a mouthful, huh?). I’m not sure WHY they asked me, I think it was yet another mix-up with the CNN Weather personality “Chad Myers,” but as always, I’m happy to act as his imposter.

As you may have seen Jeremy mention, we’re thinking about doing a “show and tell” workshop on some of the “liberties” we’ve taken with the ASP.NET MVC framework and the method behind the madness that may be applicable to your projects (MVC or no).  I’ve also thought about doing one on building fluent API’s and all that’s involved (heavy generics usage, lots of static reflection/expression tree stuff, DSL-y type patterns, when FLAPI’s are useful and when they’re overkill, etc).

Also, Scott mentioned on Ayende’s post that he thought that someone should do an intro to NHibernate workshop to prep for Ayende’s proposed “Advanced NHibernate” workshop.  I was a little hesitant to do that since I’ll be talking about the same thing at the Houston TechFest the weekend after next.

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Does anyone care? Any thoughts or suggestions?  FLAPIs (I love that acronym, btw), NHibernate basic-to-medium, or what?</p>

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