NHibernate DimeCasts.net Series

Derik Whittaker and his band of merry video elves over at DimeCasts.net have posted the 0th of about 5 parts to an NHibernate draft run-through presentation I did with a few of my colleagues.

It was part of a presentation I was preparing to give for the ill-fated Houston TechFest ‘08.  I wanted to do a draft run-through for a sympathetic audience to get critical feedback. The quality isn’t that great and I wasn’t in full “presentation mode.”

After showing it to Derik, though he urged me to release it publicly saying that people will still get a lot of benefit from it.

If you’re interested in NHibernate, but haven’t really had the time to dig into it, I think these videos will at least give you the basics to understand what’s going on.  Hopefully it helps someone!

Request for Help: Need better guidance for beginners