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UPDATE: Wow, I’m truly humbled by the response. I expected all of about 3 comments. THANK YOU for your help here, it means more than you know.  I’ve updated the vote tallies (so far) below.

I have a confession to make. I’m hopelessly bad when it comes volunteering myself for all sorts of crap. I quickly get myself in over my head as is currently the case. But, I still like to have a project to peck away at during free time. Recently, there’s been too many things to peck at, that I don’t get much of anything done (too many thread context switches).

Given these facts, I’m hoping that a little crowdsourcing (or whatever the kids call it these days) will help me get my house in order here.

I’d like to get your take on these things, dear reader, and see if I can’t rely on your wisdom and the wisdom of the crowd to help me direct my spare time efforts more fruitfully.

Can you comment here or email me your suggested order for what I should be doing? I’d much appreciate it. I’m asking you kindly. If you don’t want to, or think this is silly, that’s fine. Thanks anyhow!

So here’s various things and ideas I’ve got on my plate right now (that I can think of), in no particular order:

  • #OMVC – (5 votes) – OpinionatedMVC  (no details, let your imagination run with this for a minute and let me know what you think)
  • #SMAP –  (3 votes) – Help with StructureMap Docs, Examples, etc
  • #FHDEV – (2 votes) – Fluent NHibernate Development (Mapping, Auto Mapping, etc)
  • #FHDOC – (2 votes) – Fluent NHibernate Documentation
  • #BOOK – (1 votes) – Work on a potential book deal with a major publisher (topic up for discussion, I was leaning towards Internal DSLs and language-oriented programming with C#4, but MVC might be cool too)
  • #POST – (1 votes) – More blog posts in general on various subjects
  • #STWF – (1 votes) – Spend time with family
  • #FHMM – Fluent NHibernate + NHibernate Mapping Model Merge Stuff
  • #FHFM – Fluent NHibernate Development (NHibernate development framework stuff – making NHibernate baseline development easier)
  • #BLOG – Finish various blog post series (I’ve started several and finished none, lol)
  • #ARTL – Article(s) for CoDe Magazine (as much as Rod Paddock will let me)
  • #STAR – StartingWith.Net – a new site idea with guidance from experts for junior and mid-level developers getting started or going deeper with .NET
  • #NEWB – A series of blog posts (inspired by Sheo Narayan) on basic guidance for junior .NET developers (similar to point 08)
  • #PART– More community participation on forums, community sites, etc
  • #PRES – More presentations at community functions in the central Texas area (travel is mostly out for me)
  • #ONLE – More online presentations (a la LiveMeeting)
  • #SCNC – More screencasts for sites like

Hopefully I can pull some wisdom from the cloud if you have any interest in this. I appreciate your time and any advice you can give me!


Chad “Scatterbrained” Myers

KaizenConf, MVC, and Internal DSLs, OH MY!