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(hat tip: Tim Barcz for the idea of making this Slide #1 on all my slide decks henceforth)


About Chad Myers

Chad Myers is the Director of Development for Dovetail Software, in Austin, TX, where he leads a premiere software team building complex enterprise software products. Chad is a .NET software developer specializing in enterprise software designs and architectures. He has over 12 years of software development experience and a proven track record of Agile, test-driven project leadership using both Microsoft and open source tools. He is a community leader who speaks at the Austin .NET User's Group, the ADNUG Code Camp, and participates in various development communities and open source projects.
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  • Caption : the staple is mightier than the finger

  • Carl, a leper, feeling nervous about his diseas, resorted to staples to hide his affliction

  • Staples: That was easy.

  • Lester A. McGrath-Rosario

    Hmmm, acupuncture does not work well with staples.

  • The swing-set he was building for the ants was nearly complete.

    Note to self: need more hand lotion.

    My new cabinets look awesome.

  • Ray


  • “Check out my new Stapler Injection Container”
    “Anyone for a game of flea thumb soccer?” (translated from football for US readers)
    “The credit crunch is forcing my accupuncturist to economise”
    “Mum told me not to run with staplers”

    Actually, I should go and do some work now…

  • Super-balance Man: He can balance even the smallest of staples on his thumb!

    Pinching cabinets 101: Staples hates me.

    And finally:
    public class ChadMyers
    Thumb thumb;
    Foot foot;
    public ChadMyers(Thumb thumb, Foot foot)
    this.thumb = thumb;
    this.foot = foot;

    public ChadMyers KillThumbWith(ThumbInsertableObject obj)
    return this;

    public ChadMyers UsePummiceStone(Pummice pummice)
    return this;

    public ChadMyers KickCabinets(Cabinet cabinet)
    return this;

  • Gilligan

    “The common post-legacy code experience”

  • joe

    I warned you twice: Curly braces go on their own line.

  • “P.S. Don’t take my stapler again.” -Milton

  • “In order to show you just how painful webforms development can be I shot a staple into my finger”

  • Dependency Inversion Principle


  • “Working software over comprehensive documentation ”


  • Or,

    “This was more painful then writing good software should be”


  • SG

    When you honestly believe you can compensate for your lack of skill by trying harder, there’s no end to what you can’t do.

  • I dub thee:

    “Donald Belcham Discovers Office Implements”

  • J

    Is that a staple in your thumb or are you just happy to see me?

  • Andrew

    1-2-3-4!!! I declare thumb war!!!

  • DannyBhoy

    Trust me with your business critical application…