ALT.NET Online Open Meeting

As you may recall, last week I announced the ALT.NET Online Open Meeting.  We met last Wednesday night and had a pretty good chat about all sorts of topics.  I think at one point we had 45 people attending!

The topic started with OpinionatedMVC, MVC in general, wandered around a little bit, and then finally settled into KanBan.

All in all, I think the open format “kinda” worked. I really wish we had a way for people to “break out” and discuss side issues without having to listen to the “main” discussion.   We’re looking into ways to have breakouts including side-by-side Live Meetings, breakouts within Live Meeting, or encouraging people to mute the main discussion and have their own Skype conversations.


Zach Young has posted the recordings to both the first meeting and this most recent second meeting here:


  • You’ll need to enter a name to download (for some reason), just enter your name, or ‘asdf’ or some gibberish.
  • You’ll need to download the “Reply” application to watch them
  • You’ll need IE 6, 7, or 8 to watch them, unfortunately.
Announcing: ALT.NET Online Open Meeting