ALT.NET Online Open Meeting Update for 26-NOV

I just talked with Zach Young earlier today and given the fact that Thursday is a major holiday in the U.S. (Thanksgiving), we will not be hosting an ALT.NET meeting this Wednesday night (26-NOV).  That doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Anyone with a Live Meeting account (or Skype or ooVoo or anything, really) can fire one up. 

If you want to organize one (it’s not that hard, really, just set up an online meeting), drop me a line via email or a comment to this blog and I’ll make a post about it to help spread the word.

Sorry for the late notice, we were hoping it’ll work out, but with family in from out of town and such, it will be difficult for many folks to attend.

We’ll look at resuming it the next Wednesday after Thanksgiving which would be December the 3rd.

Thank you for understanding.

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