Virtual ALT.NET Group

Zach Young has gone to the trouble to set up a Google Group for VAN.  I recommend you subscribe to the list and give some feedback if you can! He’ll be posting announcements and URLs for future events.

I’ll keep posting announcements here for awhile (or indefinitely, depending on how things go), so you shouldn’t have to worry about missing things.

Also, I know several of you in Europe can’t make it (since it’s usually 3AM in the UK). This might be a good place for getting info on setting up a Europe-friendly one.

About Chad Myers

Chad Myers is the Director of Development for Dovetail Software, in Austin, TX, where he leads a premiere software team building complex enterprise software products. Chad is a .NET software developer specializing in enterprise software designs and architectures. He has over 12 years of software development experience and a proven track record of Agile, test-driven project leadership using both Microsoft and open source tools. He is a community leader who speaks at the Austin .NET User's Group, the ADNUG Code Camp, and participates in various development communities and open source projects.
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