Excelling in a job interview

My friend and co-worker Gary Sherman recently tweeted this and I thought I would share it with you:

How to Nail an Interview:


(for my English-as-a-second-language friends, ‘nail’ here means ‘to achieve great success’ – the text of the link is sincere, but the videos are most definitely sarcastic)

 Photograph copyright Ed Murray/The Star-Ledger

Oh yeah, one other thing I’d like to mention while we’re on the subject of job interviews:  If you’re applying for  a professional job, be a professional.  Professionals are good at what they do, but above all, they take everything in stride and seek solutions not add to problems.  “It takes a gentleman to suffer ignorance and smile”, the saying goes. And so it takes a professional to suffer indignity with patience.  No matter how bad that interview went, no matter how idiotic or asinine the interviewer may have been, do not, under any circumstances, send an email to the interviewer like this (sic. exactly preserved):


Sorry that was not an interview. That was big joke, interview are not performed Like that. Interviews are two ways, in the end there is an opportunity given to Candidate to ask question. Any one can write a Blog, it may be something new for you but they are out there for more than fifty years, unfortunately you just learn about them. Keep riding the clock and wasting people’s time, after all you don’t need to hire anyone. I have been doing this successfully for twenty years and Have plenty of Ave.

– [Applicant for software tester position]


I’m going to need a mop and 3 buckets to clean up the irony dripping from this one.

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