Some quick updates

I know I’ve been remiss in my blog posting duties. Please trust me when I say it’s for good reason and that you’d understand.

I appreciate you sticking with me. In the meantime, here are a few tidbits that you might find worth noting:

Announcing: Zen

Nate Kohari (whom I’d like to call a friend, though I’m not sure he feels the same way, lol) has just announced the coming-out party of a skunk-works project he and his wife Nicole  have been cooking up for quite some time now. It’s a lightweight (but powerful) lean project management system using Kanban. Nate can describe it better, so I’ll let you hear it straight from him:

Zen Home Page:

Nate’s Blog post:

Side note: I’m taking votes for who has more attractive eyewear Nate or Nicole.


Steven Bohlen speaking for VAN on DDD

Zachariah Young wanted me to let ya’ll know that Steven Bohlen (of “Summer of NHibernate” and “Streaking through campus naked” fame) will be presenting about Domain-driven Design at the next VAN (June 10).

The details for attending are here (I suggest you check it out!):

Site note: His “streaking on campus” days are over, to be clear, there will be no streaking at the VAN)


.NET Slackers Article on StructureMap 101

After many broken promises and terrible delays, I finally delivered my first article to the ever patient, polite, and positive Sonu Kapor (one of the organizers of

You can check it out here:

About Chad Myers

Chad Myers is the Director of Development for Dovetail Software, in Austin, TX, where he leads a premiere software team building complex enterprise software products. Chad is a .NET software developer specializing in enterprise software designs and architectures. He has over 12 years of software development experience and a proven track record of Agile, test-driven project leadership using both Microsoft and open source tools. He is a community leader who speaks at the Austin .NET User's Group, the ADNUG Code Camp, and participates in various development communities and open source projects.
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  • “Side note: I’m taking votes for who has more attractive eyewear Nate or Nicole.”

    Oh, Nate by FAR!

    I have been using the private beta of Zen for a short time and believe me that it is some awesome stuff! This is an excellent tool by someone that takes quality very seriously. Looking forward to the splash it will make.

  • My glasses are definitely better. You can’t see it in the picture, but my glasses have glitter.