VAN is a friend of Pablo’s!

In case you haven’t noticed, the VAN logo now appears in our “Friends of Pablo” section. VAN is really taking off!

If you have checked out VAN (Virtual ALT.NET) before, I suggest you run, not walk, to check it out now.

They’ve got a web site, a logo, and official INETA membership. The E-VAN (European VAN) is taking off as well. 

There are lots of great people working very hard on making this happen, so you should definitely give it a look!

The home page, which has everything you need to know is here:

Also, they have a blog:

The next speaker is Jean-Paul Sylvain Boodhoo (on Weds the 15th).  Be sure to check this out. JP always gives a good presentation.   If you haven’t seen or heard him speak, you seriously owe it to yourself to try it this time. He’s inspirational, motivational, and just a great guy in general.

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