Is Blogging Dead?

The other day I was at lunch with some folks (I won’t name drop except to give credit for the person who originally brought it up: Jeremy), and he commented that, while is number of RSS subscriptions has actually increased, the volume of daily unread posts has dramatically decreased.

I’ve heard others attribute this to twitter. Also, perhaps the dragging economy rampaging economic recovery could be keeping people extra busy trying to make ends meet dealing with the flood of new shovel-ready business.

For me, it’s been a combination of both.  I sort of burnt out, got super busy dealing with family life, found twitter useful for waging all-out argument wars blurting out a few things off the top of my head, ran out of topic ideas that fire me up enough to pump out blog posts I thought were worthy of sharing.

Los Techies is still cranking out a huge volume of content including Sean Chambers’ epic 31-part ‘31 Days of Refactoring’ series.  So I’d say that Blogging is not quite dead, but it’s certainly not operating at the same volume and frequency as we say even just 2 years ago.

Did Twitter kill blogging? What are your thoughts?

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