Thinking about sessions for Pablo’s Fiesta

We’ve been head’s down at Dovetail, so I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about Pablo’s Fiesta (shame!).  I’ve come up for air recently and I’m starting to get excited about it again. 

Pablo’s Fiesta will be an “Open Spaces” conference meaning we you us, the attendees determine the structure and schedule of the conference (within the confines of Friday through Saturday).  That means we you us will be in charge of suggesting sessions and topics of discussion.  If you haven’t already, get your pen out and start thinking up sessions that YOU would like to see and get ready to propose them during Friday night’s planning sessions.  During these planning sessions, assuming we have more sessions than time slots, we you us all vote on which sessions should actually be placed into which time slots.

Below are some sessions I’m thinking about proposing. Which sessions are you thinking about proposing?

* Call to Action: How can we make starting new projects easier?

It’s past time in the .NET space for there to be some tooling that makes getting started with a new project easier.  There have been various starts in this direction with tools like Tree Surgeon, HornGet, ProjectComposer, etc.  All of these tools are good and serve a particular purpose, but none of them have the whole enchilada as it were. How can we take these and other tools and combine them, add sugar to them, merge them, or whatever to produce something that solves most of the problems and tedium faced with a project lead starting a new project (i.e. “The New-Project Hokie Pokie”).


* (Something about FubuMVC)

If there’s interest, I’d like to do a session or two on getting started with FubuMVC, and maybe a call-to-action to try to recruit contributors.


* Automated Web Testing

We’ve got some cool stuff at Dovetail, I know the HeadSpring guys are doing some cool stuff with automated web testing. I’d like to compare notes with how other teams are doing this, help other people get started with it, etc and generally raise the level of discussion in the .NET space to make “Automated Web Testing” a household term and not something that everyone “groans” about when we consider how difficult it is.

FubuMVC Diagnostics