Looking for a C Developer

Sorry for the string of job-seeking related posts recently.   I figure you won’t mind since there’s a lot of people out of work now and helping people find work is a work of mercy Smile

At Dovetail, we’re looking for a good C developer who can help us out with an upgrade to C-based product we have.

Some requirements/job description:

  1. Knowledge of C programming language
  2. Knowledge of processing Unicode data (specifically Chinese, Japanese, Korean characters) within C
  3. Usage of C/Unicode processing within Oracle and MS SQL Server RDBMS
  4. File manipulation of Unicode data (export, import, read , write)
  5. Test and build automation using various tools, specifically Nant:  http://nant.sourceforge.net/

Please send resumes to tech-jobs@dovetailsoftware.com


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