Announcing: ATX Code Lunch

ATX Code Lunch (Austin, TX)

What: A lunch-and-discussion event for coders (or people related to the process of coding)

When: Bi-weekly (that’s every other week as opposed to semiweekly which is twice a week). The first one is Thursday,  February 3rd from 11:30 A.M. to 12:30 P.M. (or as long as people want to hang out).

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Where: Mighty Fine Burgers
10515 North Mo Pac Expy # B205
Austin, TX 78759
(512) 524-2400
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NOTE: This time the location is fixed, but future events may be moved to other locations. Please be sure to consult the calendar and/or Google Group (see below for both) regularly to be sure where we’re meeting each time.

Why: To get coders together and talking, sharing ideas, and learning cool stuff. Or better yet, “Why not?”

Sometimes these lunches don’t talk about anything technical and they end up being more about camaraderie and friendship, which is OK. But for people who want to get technical benefits from this, bring your own ideas, questions, or topics. Otherwise, we’ll have a seed topic every lunch to spark some technical discussion.

Also, we’re thinking about, possibly, having a regular (monthly?) get-together for more in-depth discussions, show-n-tells, etc.   This part is still in the works. Please join the Group/Mailing List (see below) to participate in the discussion and toss in your two cents!

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