Fusion energy, Dovetail Hiring, and other stuff

Nuclear Fusion!

Today at the ATX Code Lunch (if you haven’t come yet, you’re missing out!), I was talking with some folks about the Fukushima nuclear fission reactor situation in Japan. I mentioned a fascinating Google Video I saw of Robert Bussard talking about the state of nuclear fusion power generation. I promised I’d paste it on my blog for everyone to watch:

Robert Bussard discussing nuclear fusion at Google


Dovetail Hiring (again)

In other news that is almost as cool as nuclear fusion, Dovetail is hiring again. This time we’ve got THREE (count ‘em) openings. One for a senior .NET team lead/developer, another for a .NET developer, and one for a marketing director (if you happen to know one).  And be sure to keep an eye on our careers page!

Dovetail Hiring a Junior- to Mid-level .NET Developer