A Few of My Favorite Things

With almost a third of the year over already, I’m far behind my goal to have 72 blog posts in 2009. I have, however, completed one presentation at CRIneta, and my co-presentation with Tim Barcz for the Iowa Code Camp in less than two weeks will fulfill my goal of two talks/presentations this year. I’ve had a single (small) commit to an open source project, which completes half of that bullet point. Overall, I’m happy with what I have completed, but there’s always room for improvement.

Not to make excuses, but here are some of the things I “blame” for my lack of posts lately. Some, more than others, are taking up a lot of my time. The ones that haven’t taken up lots of time are here because I want to share them with you.

  1. Trac – Trac is an excellent, free, bug tracking solution that integrates with Subversion. Initially I had some learning to do before setting this up. I’m not familiar with Python and running under Apache was foreign since I’ve barely used it. I must say, the tools around this really intrigue me and I’m a little less scared of the command line than I was prior.
  2. jQuery Tooltip PluginThis little gem was exactly what I was looking for. This only re-iterates my notion that if there is something you want to do with jQuery that isn’t in the core library, somebody has already written a nice plugin to do it for you.
  3. Jimmy’s AutoMapper – I haven’t spent loads of time looking at what I can do with this, but I like what I’ve seen so far. This is about to fall into my tool belt.
  4. Scrum – I’ve been asking many questions about Scrum. I’ve known about it for sometime now, but haven’t been able to use it with a decent sized team, on a decent sized project, until recently. Thanks to all the Los Techies guys and anybody else who has helped make the transition go a bit more smoothly by answering my questions. Also, those who helped by conveying the idea to others in the company.
  5. DimeCasts.netI like to learn by reading, writing, and looking at code and Derik and several others have helped provide some excellent topics. I actually get so excited I sometimes stop what I’m doing when a new one shows up in my feed.
  6. Code Camps – As I write this, the Iowa Code Camp is sneaking up on me and the Chicago Code Camp is right around the corner. As I mentioned above, I’ll be presenting at Iowa Code Camp, which is being held in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I don’t even have to leave town!
  7. Developer Book Clubs – The third meeting of the Cedar Rapids Developer Book Club meets tomorrow night.
  8. GitHub – I created an account recently so I can take part in some open source projects that are of interest to me. Also, it’s a good excuse to get some practice using Git.
  9. Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 – At work, this has replaced Groupwise Messenger and made the lives easier of many people. Being able to share my desktop quickly through a chat client with an application IT installed for me is a nice bonus.
  10. Disc Golf – I know it has nothing to do with computers, development, software or tech gadgets, but I had to throw it in there.

About Chris Missal

Oh hey, I'm a Senior Consultant for Headspring in Austin, TX. I've been working in software professionally since 2006 and I really, really love it. I'm mostly in the Microsoft world, but enjoy building computer things of all sorts (to be vague). When I'm not slinging code, I'm probably out and about slinging discs, bowling balls, or good beer with great friends.
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  • Brad Mead

    Ha… that’s funny Chris. I’m a Disc’r myself. I typically toss the 150 class. 4 or so courses here in Phoenix. Rock on bud.