LosTechies welcomes Keith Dahlby

LosTechies is proud to welcome Keith Dahlby! Keith is a software consultant living in Cedar Rapids, IA working mostly in SharePoint, while playing around in all sorts of other languages like F#. Keith is very active in the local software community and has been presenting at nearby regional user groups as well.

Keith has been blogging for sometime at http://solutionizing.net/ and you can find him on Twitter (@dahlbyk) as well!

Keith’s blog at LosTechies will be at http://keith.lostechies.com.
With loads of knowledge across the board in computer science and
software development, you’re sure to get some great stuff coming your
way. No pressure Keith! ;)

About Chris Missal

Oh hey, I'm a Senior Consultant for Headspring in Austin, TX. I've been working in software professionally since 2006 and I really, really love it. I'm mostly in the Microsoft world, but enjoy building computer things of all sorts (to be vague). When I'm not slinging code, I'm probably out and about slinging discs, bowling balls, or good beer with great friends.
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