Hack Your Life with On{X}

The other day I saw some tweets, and didn’t think much of it until about the third one. I usually try to avoid knee-jerk reactions to cool things on Twitter until I see about two or three followers which have similar messages in my timeline. There is a new Android app called on{X} and only after about an hour, I’m in love.

What is on{X}

Simply put, on{X} lets you “hack” your Android phone by programming JavaScript against it through the browser, and saving those scripts to your phone. If you are familiar with Ifttt (If This Than That) – [Not to sound hipster, but – which I have been using for over a year and absolutely love!], you’ll understand how awesome and powerful this is. I have no idea if I’m in the early adopter, early majority or the in laggard phase. I don’t care, I’m simply letting you know as a LosTechies subscriber/reader, that this is available. I have toyed around with it a little bit (and LOADS more to come) and wanted to share the app with you.

So far I have messed around with the following:

  • Notifications – As they should be, notifications are dead simple. I can easily create a message to myself with a notification when an interesting event occurs.
  • Messaging – Sending SMS messages with super simple JavaScript code
  • Screen – When the screen turns on/off, things can happen!
  • MOTSignal / Mode of Transportation – These are the signals that signify whether you are ‘atrest’, ‘walking’, ‘driving’, or ‘running’. These are very cool!
  • Scheduler – Exactly what you think it would be, it schedules events to happen either once, at an interval, or at a specific time

These points only scratch the surface and there’s so much more to explore so I suggest you dig into it! Other things that excited me are the fact there are different logging levels already. Attention to these types of details are so nice to have at this point just make me drool to get in there and start messing with my phone. Props to all those at on{X} and keep up the great work. This is why I chose Android over Apple, because I have to control things to truly own my product.

Keep Going!!

There is so much more, and as a new app, I’m sure things are going to change. Be sure to check out the documentation on the official site and please enjoy!

Need Help with on{X} Rules?

I’d love to help you out with your problems/troubles/errors/questions. Hit me up in the comments, or preferably on Twitter @ChrisMissal, and I’ll do my absolute best to help you out!

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