My Pablo’s Fiesta Experience

My Pablo’s Fiesta Experience

In case you missed it, Pablo’s Fiesta was this past weekend. As usual, it was great! In addition to meeting smart new people and seeing tons of old friends, I also learned a thing or two at Pablo’s Fiesta over the weekend:

The sessions I attended

  • Side Projects – Lots of good notes and advice here in this one. Click through to see some bullets on what we talked about.
  • NuGet at Work – A general discussion of how people are using NuGet, some pros/cons, etc.
  • GitHub AMA – An excellent peek inside GitHub convened by @halfogre.
  • Developing Developers – How can managers and leads help build up their teams and get them more passionate about their craft?
  • Continuous Integration Discussion – An open discussion of what people are currently using for continuous integration, continuous deployment, and database deployments.
  • Ripple – This sounds like something I need to try on my next project. It’s NuGet, but seems to be less messy and brittle.
  • Fixie – The demo and discussion of Fixie was great! Patrick and the room came up with lots of good questions, feature suggestions, and ideas on how to make it even more kickass!

New things I need to check out

  • Bender – XML and JSON serialization/deserialization. For when you need something lightweight and fast.
  • NuDoq – Documentation pulled from NuGet packages!
  • FubuTransportation – Low friction Service Bus using the best of the Fubu world
  • Karma – Spectacular Test Runner for JavaScript
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