Prelude to Tulsa TechFest 2008

In two weeks, the 2008 installment of Tulsa TechFest will be upon us. For two days, Tulsa is going to unleash an impressive array of sessions on all aspects of IT, security, and software development. As I review the broad list of presenters I can’t help but see conflicting sessions where I’m going to have to make some tough choices.

If you are going to be anywhere near the Tulsa area and can manage to slip away from work for a couple of days I highly recommend making an appearance. The breadth of learning opportunities at the unbelievable price ($2/day) make this an incredible way to learn some new skills and sharpen your existing ones.

I will be presenting in two sessions this year. The first session will be on building distributed application using MassTransit (co-hosted by Dru Sellers) and other open-source frameworks for .NET. This is doing to be a deep view on how to build loosely-coupled systems on top of a messaging service (in this case, MSMQ). Advanced topics include asynchronous messaging and sagas (long-lived transactions).

The second session will be an introduction to iPhone development. I’m not a seasoned expert here, but I’m impressed with the platform provided by Apple (Xcode) free of charge for building applications for Mac OS X and the iPhone. This introduction will cover the tools and application structure for building iPhone applications in Objective-C.

If you happen to see me there, feel free to stop me and say hello.

VMware Fusion 2.0, Windows 2008 Workstation