Received my 4th Visual C# MVP Award!

I’m happy to announce that I have been awarded the 2012 Microsoft® MVP award for my technical contributions to the Visual C# community over the past year. This is the fourth consecutive year that I have received the award, and I greatly appreciate the recognition. I would also like to thank everyone who has supported me over the past year, allowing me the time to prepare interesting content, travel to amazing conferences (including my first trip to Sweden last year), and deliver engaging presentations to the software development community.


As I look back at the past three years, the most rewarding benefit of being an MVP awardee is communication with the product teams at Microsoft. Being able to discuss product goals, features, and roadmaps with the actual development teams is extremely valuable. When I look at how Microsoft has evolved over the past couple of years alone, I see a company that is embracing open source (look at the full ASP.NET web stack) and retooling their development products to facility greater sharing of open source libraries (NuGet, for example). I look forward to even more interaction with the teams over the next year as the Windows platform adapts to the changing modalities in personal computing.

About Chris Patterson

Chris is a senior architect for RelayHealth, the connectivity business of the nation's leading healthcare services company. There he is responsible for the architecture and development of applications and services that accelerate care delivery by connecting patients, providers, pharmacies, and financial institutions. Previously, he led the development of a new content delivery platform for TV Guide, enabling the launch of a new entertainment network seen on thousands of cable television systems. In his spare time, Chris is an active open-source developer and a primary contributor to MassTransit, a distributed application framework for .NET. In 2009, he was awarded the Most Valuable Professional award by Microsoft for his technical community contributions.
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  • SwapnneelKumar Deshpande

    Congrats Chris! 

    May I ask What is process to get recognition as MVP?    Can you recommend any sites for guidance.

    • You might search the internet for some ideas, but working with your local developer community is a great way to start making connections.

  • Guest


  • Grats man!  Very cool