Book Reviews – Release It! and RESTful Web Services Cookbook

I’ve recently been doing a lot more reading and wanted to recommend two excellent books. First is Release It!, put simply I think every developer should read it as it’s full of good patterns/advice/anti-patterns related to ensuring your software behaves … Continue reading 

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SOA Manifesto

I’ve just gotten through reading the SOA Manifesto and reactions from (among others) Jim Webber and Stefan Tilkov and I can’t help feeling the whole thing is a missed opportunity. In particular you’ll notice is that the manifesto doesn’t deal … Continue reading 

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RESTful Web Services Cookbook – Review of Rough Cut

I’ve just finished reading the rough cut of RESTful Web Services Cookbook by Subbu Allamaraju and Mike Amundsen and thought I’d write a very quick review. Ultimately the book fills a gap in the market by providing practical advice on … Continue reading 

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I’m on a project that was using WCF and we’ve managed to make the transition to using REST (well, to be honest so far its just POX). REST is a joy and I really find it such a pleasant experience … Continue reading 

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E-VAN Blog and Videos

Jan has already posted about it but we have a new E-VAN blog which includes links to the recording of the excellent presentation Alan Dean gave on REST and a link to the next one that Ian Robinson and Jim … Continue reading 

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E-VAN – Alan Dean talking on REST (6th July 2009)

First off if you didn’t watch Udi Dahan talk on the SOA then you missed a treat, a real pro speaking on a topic that he and a very few others in the .NET space are way ahead of the … Continue reading 

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Book Review – SOA Patterns (First 5 Chapters)

I’ll cut straight to the chase, I definitely recommend SOA Patterns to anyone interested in SOA. Even though its currently only available in MEAP, and is a bit rough and ready, and isn’t complete, it’s still great stuff and well … Continue reading 

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Next Europe VAN – 1st June 2009 – Questions for Udi Dahan

Udi Dahan has been kind enough to agree to do the next Europe VAN and suggested that we all put forward our questions for him to answer. Its a great chance to ask him about DDD/SOA/CQS/messaging/NServiceBus, or any other topic, … Continue reading 

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Book Review – RESTful .NET

Since we are using REST on top of WCF on my current project I was glad to see that this book had been written as I was hoping it would answer some questions I had. However my first issue with … Continue reading 

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E-VAN Videos Reminder

Just to remind people that Jan has put the videos for the first two E-VAN presentations online: Mark Nijhof’s excellent presentation on FubuMVC will be up as soon as its available and we’ll announce the next presentation as soon … Continue reading 

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