P&P Guidance – Positive Progress

I put up a post a while back about the P&P REST guidance which I considered to be quite flawed. The reaction from the P&P team was superb and Greg Young, Sebastien Lambla and myself immediately got involved in an e-mail exchange with them regarding this and other guidance. They’ve shown they are incredibly open to feedback and we’re still involved in this exchange but it looks like the result may be changes to the existing article and/or new articles.

One thing I hadn’t realized before this started is that P&P actually have three different sites:

  1. Guide – http://www.codeplex.com/AppArchGuide
  2. Knowledge Base – http://www.codeplex.com/AppArch
  3. Community Site – http://www.codeplex.com/AppArchContrib

The community site is quite open so even if our examples use open source frameworks they can still be published on it. I’m therefore planning on writing one example using WCF, NHibernate and Castle where the two primary areas covered will be:

  1. REST – Although the current example says its using REST I think this is arguable.
  2. Domain Model – I’ll be using DDD patterns but I’ve tried to explain that DDD isn’t always appropriate (e.g. if you don’t have access to domain experts). Regardless I’m obviously a big fan of object-oriented domain models and the barrier to entry is so low with modern ORM’s that I think its a no-brainer to use one in the example.

I’m not saying I’ve chosen the best technologies, in particular using WCF is highly questionable, but since I’m not trying to say this is the “best” way to do things I’m comfortable with the choices especially as I’d expect other guidance to be given over other approaches (perhaps using an MVC style approach).

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