C# vs. C#

In the course of doing some reading on Scala and Clojure, I stumbled upon an interesting article by Mogens Heller Grabe entitled C# vs. Clojure vs. Ruby & Scala.  In the article, Mogens provides a C# solution to a word … Continue reading 

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Windows-Friendly Cygwin Paths

Not too long ago, I ventured into using Rake for my .Net project builds.  Given that my shell preference on Windows is Cygwin’s bash port (via the excellent mintty terminal), I tend to prefer installing the Cygwin ruby package rather … Continue reading 

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NCommons Rules Engine

I recently decided to invest some time in learning how my team might leverage the MvcContrib rules engine for our projects at work. I discovered this feature after browsing the CodeCampServer source which seems to be the only publicly available … Continue reading 

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The Agile Visitor

When working with object structures, you may at times encounter the need to perform some operation across all the elements within the structure.  For instance, given a compound piece of machinery, you may want to perform some operation which requires … Continue reading 

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Double Dispatch is a Code Smell

If you’re using Double Dispatch in your code, this may be a symptom of an underlying design issue which may impact the maintainability of your application.  Due to the fact that Double Dispatch is at times confused with a form … Continue reading 

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Getting Started With Cygwin

With the increasing popularity of the Git version control system, many .Net developers are being introduced for the first time to Unix-like tools for Windows by way of two popular Git client platforms: msysgit and Cygwin. The more substantial of … Continue reading 

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¡Hola, Mundo!

I’m excited and honored to have been invited to join Los Techies! A bit about me – I’m a software developer currently working in the beautiful Nashville Tennessee area and aspire toward software craftsmanship.  My professional career has been a … Continue reading 

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Git: Anonymous Access Under Windows

The Git version control system provides a simple protocol for sharing Git repositories anonymously over a TCP port. This can be useful for providing read-only access to a repository, or for facilitating pull-based collaboration within teams. The following is a … Continue reading 

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Resharper Naming Style for Machine.Specifications

If you’re doing BDD-style specifications and using underscores within your variable names, the default Resharper settings will warn you about violating the naming style rules as shown below: Fortunately, Machine.Specifications (MSpec) extends Resharper to allow for the creation of custom … Continue reading 

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Embracing Dependency Injection

Recently, a fairly notable icon within the software development community posted some thoughts on Twitter which I found surprising. The individual stated: “What’s the right number of dependencies to inject? A few. In a very large system, perhaps a few … Continue reading 

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