A Conversation On Adopting Kanban

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of doing a conference call with Tim Barcz, Chris Missal and the rest of their development team at J&P Cycles on their adoption of Kanban and move away from Scrum. The conversation revolved primarily around their specific issues and needs, but also included a lot of general ideas, options, and descriptions of Kanban. The end result is a conversation that does tend to jump around the subject matter a fair amount, but has a few jewels that may help to inspire someone else out there in the world.

If you would like to listen to the conversation (and see the notes that Tim was taking, during the conversation), head on over to PabloTV and give it a go!

PabloTV: Adopting Kanban

Feel free to leave comments here and ask additional questions if you would like… and understand that this is one of my first “public” discussions on Kanban so I understand that there is a lot of room for improvement in how I present some of the ideas, etc. Also – the audio quality isn’t always the greatest… we’ll try to fix that next time.

(Tim also has his intro post for the session up on his blog)

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