Help! E-Text Editor Can’t Run My Rake Tasks…

I downloaded the E-Text Editor to work with my ruby / rake stuff, because it’s a great editor and because it supports all of the TextMate bundles. The idea is that I should be able to run all of my Rake tasks and RSpec tests directly from E. However, I can’t seem to run my rake tasks.

I’ve got Cygwin installed (am new to this… don’t really know much about it). I’ve got the Ruby one-click installer installed (I’ve been using this for several months now). And I’ve got the Ruby textmate bundle installed into E(updated it from the E bundles menu).

Whenever I try to run a rake task, though, I get this error:

c:Rubybinruby.exe: No such file or directory -- C:UsersderickbAppDataRoamingeInstalledBundlesRuby.tmbundleSupportRakeMaterake_mate.rb (LoadError)

I have checked for the file that it says it can’t find. The file does exist. Does anyone have any clue what this error means and how to fix it? My google searches on this have been returning nothing.

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  • Are you on an x64 platform? I’ve seen this error before when (for example) a 64-bit process tries to load a 32-bit-only DLL. Try digging out CORFLAGS and checking the platforms the DLLs were built for.

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    Derick, by default, the ruby bundle runs cygwin ruby, not ruby installed by the one click installer. So you can either edit or create a new Rake Task command in the ruby bundle.

    @”C:\Ruby18\bin\ruby.exe — %TM_BUNDLE_SUPPORT%”\RakeMate\rake_make.rb”

    Make sure the environment drop down is set to run “Windows native” in the bundle command editor for the rake command. I have not run rake task from e, but I have added commands to invoke the one-click ruby and iron ruby from e in a similiar manner.

  • well after much frustration and dissapointment, i was not able to get the e text editor workign with the one click installer… so i installed the cygwin version of ruby, made the “rubyopt” change in my environment variables, and things seem to be working.

    I’m still not happy with this, though. I don’t like the idea of maintaining two separate instances of ruby and the gems, etc. I’ll be trying to find another way to get E to work with the one click installer, at some point.

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