Albacore: Come join the discussion!

image There’s been a whirlwind of activity around the Albacore rake tasks recently. Steve Harman has started using it at VersionOne. Ben Hall has been contributing some great patches and tasks. My friends and former coworkers at my previous job are using it on a number of projects, and there’s still others who are looking at contributing and using the framework. I’m really excited about the possibilities and directions that this is heading.

With all this in mind, keeping everyone informed on what’s going on is becoming more and more challenging, and more and more important. So, I decided to put together a mailing list for the framework over at Google Groups.

Come join the discussion! Get involved! Ask your questions, talk about issues that you’ve found, submit ideas, and send in some patches while your at it.

AlbacoreDev: Discussions, development, and contributions for the Albacore framework.

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  • Fernando

    Good deal… Maybe we can get a live demo one day

  • @Fernando,

    definitely. maybe late december or mid january…. Sean and John Mathis are already using Albacore for their projects, too.

  • I’m going to convert the C# cloudfiles build script at work to Albacore, and it’ll give me a chance to clean up some loose ends at the same time.

    Awesome community building Derick