My ‘Decoupling Workflow’ Presentation Was Accepted For #LSSC10

Atlanta 2010 SpeakerI was notified yesterday that my ‘Decoupling Workflow’ submission for the Lean Software & Systems Conference in Atlanta was accepted!

This will be a complete re-write of the presentation, by the same name, that I gave at the 2009 Austin CodeCamp. I’ve learned a lot since then, had a chance to implement this architecture in a few more systems, and have recently expanded on the subject with my ‘Object Messaging’ post. The emphasis of this rewrite will be enabling concurrent and incremental feature development with one possible architecture that supports release per feature (including some branch per feature).

I’m honored to have this presentation selected and to be able to participate along side of some tremendously talented, intelligent, and influential people.

You can read the full abstract and get more information about the conference at 

I hope to see you there!

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