LosTechies Welcomes Derek Greer!

A former coworker and good friend of mine, Derek Greer, has joined up with the LosTechies crew. He previously lived and worked in the Austin, TX area where I had the good fortune to meet him and hire him on at my previous job. He’s now living in Tennessee, near Nashville… but we’ll forgive him for moving so far away. 🙂

I’m happy as heck to see Derek joining up with the LT crew, as I know his passion for software craftsmanship, learning, engaging in discussion and all-around fun-guy attitude will be a welcome addition. You can read his prior blog over at http://aspiringcraftsman.com where he’s got some tremendously good information on a wide variety of subjects.

So, stop by his new home and say hi!

Red/Green/Refactor, For The Right Reasons