CLOSED: Want To Work From Home, Doing .NET Development? Read This!

UPDATE: This job posting is closed. Thanks to everyone who read this and responded by submitting a resume! We had more tremendously talented applications for the position than we could handle. 🙂


TrackAbout, Inc – the company that I’ve been employed with for the last 5 months – is hiring another .NET developer. We’re a passionate bunch of people – on the technology and business side of things – building high value, high quality software for an international customer base with deliveries to our production environments on a 2 week schedule.

You can read the official job post over at the joelonsoftware job site, which has instructions on how to apply for the job as well.

Here are some of the highlights of the job, in my opinion… note: this is my personal opinion and not part of the official company job ad:

  • 100% work from home. you know you want to.
  • Top-notch talented team, all with a passion for delivering high quality software and continuing to learn and improve
  • Work with some of the latest and greatest tools, technologies and processes in the .NET space
  • You can read about our communication tools and processes here
  • and did I mention 100% work from home? seriously… you know you want to.
    • spend more time with the family
    • wake up 1 minute before you start your work day and still be early
    • yell at the neighborhood kids “HEY! Get off my LAWN!” 🙂
  • and 100% work from home… i said that, right? no really… i know you want to…

Here’s some of the team / technology highlights from from the job ad:

All members of our development team are dedicated to keeping up with the latest technologies, practices, patterns and tools related to software development. We take time out to share our knowledge with one another and improve both our skills and our distributed development environment. We often experiment with and integrate new tools into our environment. Some of the tools and technologies we’re currently using include: ReSharper, Subversion and git, MassTransit, CruiseControl.NET, TDD with NUnit, FXCop, VersionOne, MediaWiki, RhinoMocks, Ninject, NHibernate and jQuery.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go read the job ad and apply already!

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