Albacore, Albacore, Albacore

A lot of things are happening with Albacore in the next weeks, so I thought I would share with the world:


CODE Magazine

My 2nd CODE Magazine article is out now, and it’s an introduction to Ruby, Rake and Albacore. I would almost consider this to be a “zero to hero” introduction to building .NET systems with Albacore. It will walk you through the basics of installing Ruby, Rake, Albacore, building a .NET system with just Ruby and Rake and then introduces the awesomeness (not that I’m biased or anything) that is Albacore.

Building .NET Systems With Ruby, Rake and Albacore:

I feel fortunate to have been put in the 10th anniversary issue of CODE. It’s great to see an independent publication like this holding its own and even out-living some of the competition.

So, what are you waiting for? Go read the article and turn yourself into a hero by getting rid of all that stupid XML in your build tasks! 🙂


Central Texas .NET User Group

On May 13th, I’ll be giving a presentation on Albacore at the Central Texas .NET User Group (CTXDNUG). This is the “local” user group for Waco, Temple and surrounding areas.


It looks like this one will be hosted at my former employer’s office. It’ll be good to see all my friends again! Hopefully they’ll actually stick around for my presentation. 🙂


Austin .NET User Group

I’m probably jumping the gun on this one, since it has not been 100% confirmed yet… On June 14th, I will be one of several people doing a quick introduction to various .NET build systems at the Austin .NET User Group (ADNUG). I’ll be covering Albacore, of course.


My 15 to 20 minute time slot won’t let me cover as much as I will at the CTXDNUG meeting, but I’ll be able to show off the high points. I may do something brave (or stupid) and really show off how easy Albacore is by installing Ruby, Rake, and Albacore live in front of the audience and then get my build up and running. That would certainly be fun! I’ll have to practice that a bunch before-hand, though.


New Version: 0.1.3

And last up on my list of tuna related topics, I should be pushing a 0.1.3 release of Albacore soon (if it’s not already out by the time you read this). This version will have some bug fixes and 1 or two other minor enhancements in it.


It’s not going to be a huge release, but bug fixes certainly are important!

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