I’ll Buy An iPad When …

no, really… I’m actually interested in buying an iPad… but under very specific circumstances. Here’s the app that I want, that would make me shell out $500 for an iPad: a remote whiteboard app that transmits my drawing on the iPad over to my computer so that I can have a virtual whiteboard shared with my coworkers across the internet. It’s entirely a collaboration problem that I’m trying to solve. I want to grab my coworkers and walk over to a whiteboard… except we’re all thousands of miles from each other so that doesn’t really work.

Give me an iPad app that turns the iPad into a whiteboard and sends the drawing over to a whiteboard app on my PC (Windows 7, by the way… though I also run OSX on occasion).

I don’t want to use a shared whiteboard via a website… I’ve already got a Wacom art tablet… these are not good enough solutions because there is a disconnect between what I see on the screen and where my hand is drawing. I need to look at what I am drawing as I am drawing it and the iPad seems like it should be the perfect solution to this. It’s either that or a really expensive touch screen monitor, which I don’t have room for on my desk.

I don’t think a remote desktop client solves the problem, either. When I remote desktop into my box, it locks me out of the physical box so that the remote client is in control. I need a whiteboard app that keeps me up and running and just does whiteboard stuff from the ipad to the pc.

Does this app exist? If not, who wants to write it for me? 🙂

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