SOLID Motivational Calendar

The LosTechies crew and I were never able to get a calendar or t-shirts or anything else made for the SOLID Motivational Posters that I put together a long time ago. But Steve Smith (@ardalis) and the NimblePros crew stepped up and put together a calendar of motivational posters, including many other principles:

The Software Craftsmanship 2011 Motivational Calendar

OCP 2011 Example CRI 2011 Example SRP 2011 Example YAGNI 2011 Example

(actual images from the calendar)

Looks like a pretty good collection of principles and pictures, including SOLID. Nicely done NimblePros team! I’m happy to see that someone took the time to do this.

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  • Darren

    I preordered this calendar the second after I saw you tweet about it. Perfect for the office!

  • Nice! Has anyone made a Windows 7 theme with these, like Tim Heuer’s Smashing Magazine themes?

  • Preordered…
    too bad 11€ of product and 15€ of shipping. I’d rather give money for product than to postal companies

  • @Simone – the shipping amount was a bug, though they do cost about $5 to ship to US and about $10 to ship to Europe. The shipping’s much less per calendar if you buy 2 or more of them, naturally.

    @Derick – did you get the ones sent to you?