Welcome, Hugo Bonacci, To LosTechies!

Not quite a year ago, I interviewed a developer while working at my previous job. He struck me, my boss, and the other people that interviewed him, as some one who is passionate about and dedicated to building great software – not only from a code perspective, but also from a user interface and design perspective. In the time since I interviewed / recommended him for hire, I’ve watched and waited, and have seen a tremendous amount of community influence and contribution come out of him. So I’m happy to announce, today, that the same talent for beautiful design and code is joining the crew here at LosTechies!

Welcome Hugo Bonacci!

For those of you who don’t know him, Hugo has been building his online reputation over at hugoware.com. I encourage you to check out the site not just for the blogging that he has been doing, but also for the many amazing projects that he’s running and a glimpse into his design skills.

It’s a big week for Hugo… not only is he joining LosTechies, but he’s also starting his new job at Xamarin! Yes, that Xamarin. 🙂

Everyone head over to Hugo’s new blog, here at LosTechies, send him a huge amount of congratulations for the new job and a big welcome to our little corner of the interwebs.

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